12 September 2018

Blazer Weather

The weather in London is perfect at the moment, not too cold and not too hot! It's not coat weather yet, so the blazer is the best alternative for this transitional period. I've already invested in two blazers this season, both great for layering up too when it does eventually get too cold. 

The Classic Black and Grey Blazer
Something most of us probably have in our wardrobe, it will last for years and can be worn over anything. 

The Checked Blazer
Another classic, essential in your wardrobe and makes a difference to a plain blazer.

The Coloured Blazer
This is something that is missing in my wardrobe, I think it will look great over simple jeans and tee outfit or paired up with more colour. 

There are plenty of options on the high street at the moment to suit everyone, I have selected a few of my favourites below:

7. GAP

Happy Shopping and remember to invest in a piece you see lasting in your wardrobe.

28 August 2018

A/W 2018 Trends

I say trends, but these are not just one off trends. Every season I pick four key looks that will last in your wardrobe. This season has been full of things I already own or still to invest in.

The first big look for this season if you didn't know already is ANIMAL PRINT.
The stores are full of animal print, the leopard print has become a classic print over the years and will always be around. If you wanted to try something different, snake print and Zebra print is popping up too. Again, if you're not big on print try accessories, shoes are a great way to add a bit of detail to any outfit. If you wanted to invest in one animal print, make it a leopard print coat or shoes.

L-R: Max Mara, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Ganni (All images from Vogue )

Second is BROWN TONES.
I don't own much of this colour, it's never been a colour I've been drawn too much unless it has other details/prints along with it. But saying that, I think I need a brown jumper in my life! Brown comes in so many different tones, invest in one that suits you.

L-R: Max Mara, Alberta Ferretti, Victoria Beckham, Chloe ( All images from Vogue )

The third is CHECKS.
Again something you may have in your wardrobe already, an investment piece to buy would be a coat or blazer, but loving the skirts and dresses!

L-R: Christian Dior, Ganni, Michael Kors, Max Mara (All images from Vogue )

Fourth is LEATHER.
A good quality leather biker jacket will last you years. Mine is nearly 10 years old, would definitely like to invest in another. It goes with most things and great for layering too. Another great buy would be a leather skirt and trousers.

L-R: Tods, Miu Miu, Max Mara, Alberta Ferretti ( All images from Vogue )

Thanks for reading, and remember to raid your wardrobes as most people will own at least two of the above, don't buy if you don't need to only to update your wardrobe.

21 August 2018

Everyday Glasses with Bailey Nelson

For the last few weeks or so I have been wearing my glasses more, mainly due to the fact I've been at home but also I'm giving my eyes a break from contacts. I've been short-sighted since I was in my late teens but hated wearing glasses so hardly ever did.

Covent Garden Bailey Nelson

I'm now at a stage where I would like to wear glasses more often and switch from monthly contacts to daily contacts.  I came across Bailey Nelson, an optician in London (Founded in Australia and now a global brand) and was pleasantly surprised by their trendy and classic frames at reasonable prices.

I love the fact the brand uses parts from all over the world, the lens is made from Japan, acetate from Italy and hinges from Germany. But most of all they have a lot of variety!

I got in touch with Bailey Nelson and popped into there Covent Garden store, they have a branch in Old Spitalfields Markets too. I went in for a routine eye test first which was quick and informative. Monica at the store was so helpful in doing my eye test, she also recommended some contacts to trial out at the same time and helped me choose a frame to suit my face shape with a little help from the friendly team at the store. Everyone in the store was honest and helpful, I left the store feeling confident in the frame I chose. My experience was definitely less stressful than I has been in the past.

The below bottom frames were the ones I chose, I collected them from the store and after a few adjustments with the fit, I was ready to leave with them on. I would definitely recommend popping into their store to check out the range, you don't have to pay extra for the lens or added extras like anti-glare or anti-scratch. Totally worth travelling a little further to chose a frame!

This post was in collaboration with Bailey Nelson but all words are my own. 

31 July 2018

Summer Holidays

I've been lucky to have my husband off for the first week of summer holidays, but now he's back to work I've been trying to plan some fun things for my 6 years old son to do.

If you live local to Bromley (Kent), the Glades shopping centre always has great things for the kids during the holidays. Last year we attended the event 'Kids on the moon' that involved my son in a space suit learning about space and what an astronaut does. 

This year they have an Event called Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and it's all about the journey through the human body where they dress up as junior doctors and learn fun facts at the same time.

This is a free event running from now till 22nd August and can be booked here. It is recommended for kids from year 1 to year 6 and is 40 minutes long.

The experience:

My son and I arrived at the event, I sat down to relax as my son dressed in his Junior Doctor outfit and started his little journey into becoming a junior Doctor.

They started by doing several exercises, from learning about how important exercise and the right diet is, to learning about the body. They have facts and body organs for the kids to explore which my son found interesting, he actually came back remembering a few things...can't complain really!


They all finish with a little graduation and receive a certificate to say they are now junior doctors! It was not only a fun event for my 6-year-old, but he came out learning a few things too. A bonus really, especially as it's harder to get them to do any sort of learning during the holidays!

We then popped to a few shops before spending the evening having dinner in one of their many restaurants. My son had a little play around in the park before we left too, which is directly outside the Glades. It's a cheap day out and keeps the little ones busy! Highly recommend!

If however, you're not local to Bromley, below are a few other options to help you through the summer holidays! Free or not that expensive for the summer holidays:

Local Parks ie. Crystal Palace Park, Dulwich Park, Greenwich
Exploring local forests
Mini Golf
Indoor crafts