8 July 2019

Summer Wear

Hope everyone's enjoying the on and off hot weather, sorry if it's raining where you are, hoping it brightens up for you. I'm praying the weather stays like this for the summer holidays as we might not be going on holiday this year (silently cries to one's self). We really need to decorate the house slowly and going on holiday will basically mean the house will remain the same. If we can do at least one room, I'll be happy!

Anyway, here are my summer essentials for the hot season, whether you're going on holiday or not these are some of the things I'm lusting over.

1. Dresses/Jumpsuits

Top L-R: Linen dress, Jumpsuit, Checked dress, Boilersuit
Bottom L-R: White dress, Pink Maxi, Ribbed Maxi, Red Dress

2. Bottoms

1. Linen Blend Shorts 2. Pale blue shorts 3. Paperbag denim shorts
4. Trousers 5. Satin style skirt 6. Pleated skirt

3. Tops

1. White tee 2. Floral pleated blouse 3. Knot front blouse
4. Short sleeve shirt 5. Gingham blouse 6. White Shirt

4. Accessories/shoes

1. Basket 2. Black flip flops 3. Pink sunglasses 4. Small basket
5. Yellow swimsuit 6. Bikini top 7. Black woven shoes
8. Headband 9. Sunglasses 10. Bracelets 11. Yellow Flip flops

7 June 2019

Out Out

It's been ages since I went 'out out', but a few people asked for a Top 5 on outfits to wear out to a bar/club. I'm probably the wrong person to ask, but I have put together some of the things I would wear if I did head out.

I would easily wear this outfit again during the day with a pair of flats, love a shirt or frilly top with jeans and heels.

White top, Green shirt, Shorts, Sandals

A dressed up look but showing less skin.

Top, Jeans, Sandals

This summer buy yourself a cami dress, pair it with a leather jacket and some heels for an evening look. Works great during the day with a denim jacket and sandals.

Dress, Shoes

A selection of dresses for the evening below, perfectly paired with heels.

Denim dress, Tiger print dress, White dress,
Floral dress, Playsuit, sandals 

Hope this has given you some ideas, thanks for reading!

26 May 2019

Marks and Spencers Edit

There is no doubt Marks and Spencer has become an even more popular place to shop over the last few years...and I'm not just talking about the food hall. I shop there for my boys and myself, even my husband goes there. Actually, all my husband's Pyjamas are from there thanks to my mum being his secret Santa, EVERY YEAR! He loves them and my mum has been an avid fan since day one.
There is something for everyone, anyway, I won't go on and on, I'll just show you my favourites from the women's department.

Each outfit has a wardrobe essential, first up is the Denim jacket outfit: Wear the jacket over any of the below outfits I've put together.

Dress, Jacket, Glasses, Bag, Trainers

Jeans outfit: I have the rust coloured embroidered frill top which I love, this green one is equally beautiful. Wear the top with shorts for the summer.

Top, Bra, Jeans, Sandals

Jumpsuit outfit: I have the below jumpsuit and I can confirm it's comfortable, wore it with the leopard sandals mentioned below. It will also look great with heels and a leather jacket.

Jumpsuit, Heels, Bag, Sandals

The leather skirt/white tee outfit: Love this outfit, an effortless casual evening outfit, but equally works well with trainers during the day. Mix and match and wear the blazer and t-shirt over jeans.

Blazer, T-shirt, Skirt, Trainers, Shoes

M&S has a wide selection of some great wardrobe staples, from t-shirts starting at £4.50 to trench coats like the below. I would usually size up on their t-shirts for a looser fit, but it all depends on how you like to wear yours. Below are some of my other favourites. 

T-shirt, Coat, Top
Necklace, Sandals, Shirt (alternative Shirt)

5 May 2019

Jeans Edit

Jean's post is always a popular request for me, I posted my favourite styles here if you need inspiration. My go-to style is usually the straight leg, high waisted jeans. I find these easy to wear for every day and dressed up.

I usually shop in Topshop for my jeans, the jeans I have, have lasted me years (I'm referring to the Orson and Moto styles). I recently bought a pair of jeans from Zara, always worth looking there too. H&M is tricky for me, I love their styles but never 100% great on me.

Straight/Slim Leg Jeans:
Topshop always does some great jeans in this style, however, they do go pretty quick and most of the time the style never comes back. Straight leg jeans work well with ankle boots, trainers and heels.

Top L-R: Topshop, Topshop, Levis,
Bottom L-R: TopshopWeekday, Topshop,

Mom Jeans:
Mom jeans are mainly high waisted and have a tapered leg. Although it's a more relaxed jeans style, these look perfect with heels as well as trainers for an everyday look.

Top L-R: Topshop, Mango, Mango,
Bottom L-R: Zara, H&M, New Look

Other styles:
If you have the basic everyday style of jeans in your wardrobe, why not try other styles. Maybe try coloured jeans or even white? The belted Mango jeans are a similar alternative to smart jeans. Or how about a pair of cropped flared jeans, the below Weekday pair look perfect with heels but team it up with flats for a casual look. And lastly, have you heard of the barrel style jeans like the Whistles one below, more relaxed but again can be dressed up too.

Top L-R: M&S, River Island, Mango, COS,
Bottom L-R: Mango, Topshop, Weekday, Whistles

I hope this has given you many options, jeans can be hard to shop for, it can be frustrating when it doesn't fit but don't give up, many high street stores do fab good quality jeans now.