3 March 2019


All images from Pinterest

Hi everyone, hope everyone had a lovely February, it went too quick and I can't believe it's March already. March is always an expensive month for us, a couple of family birthday celebrations including my eldest son and Mothers Day too. Also, I need to avoid the shops as Spring officially starts in March and there will be a lot of lovely new clothes! 

I'm starting this month with slogan tops, slogan tops have become an essential in my wardrobe now. I love my plain t-shirts and simple grey sweatshirts, but add some writing, motif or design on it and I'm all over it, obviously depending on what it says. 

I've put together some outfits below that go well with some casual slogan tops. 
I have the below skirt already and love it, great print and colour and will take me into summer then Winter. I've teamed it up below with a bright red jumper and black trainers for a stand out outfit. 

Jumper, Skirt, Bracelet, Trainers 

I love sweatshirts tucked into smart trousers, a casual look but put together and a little smarter. Add a patterned bag to a simple outfit like this bag from New Look, love the checked pattern.

Jumper, Trousers, Bag, Shoes 

Looking forward to t-shirt weather again, team it up with trousers instead of jeans for a perfect everyday look that can change into evening wear.

Top, Trousers, Bag, Trainers

If you prefer jeans and a tee, add heels and a smart blazer for a more dressed up look. This oversized blazer looks perfect!

Top, Jeans, Blazer, Shoes

Lastly a casual look, something I would wear for the school run or at the weekend.

Jumper, Jeans, Trainers, Glasses

Hope you've enjoyed some of these looks, a slogan can look great on anything! Thank you for reading. 

21 January 2019

Easy Everyday Outfits

Hi everyone, hope all is well and I hope January has kicked off to a good year already. We're slowly settling into our new house and finally getting to the last bits of unpacking. It's also given me the chance to get rid of unwanted clothes and junk that I have had around from the previous place. It feels a lot better after decluttering everything.

It's been a while with fashion blogging, but really want to get back into my usual posts. My first post of the year is on everyday outfits that can be copied hopefully from what you have in your wardrobe. Whether it's for the school run or a casual day at work, here are some outfits that are easy to put together this winter.

Jeans look: This is the easiest to dress as anything goes and any footwear goes too.  I love my jeans, it's an everyday essential for me (I did a post here on my favourite styles).

Jeans, Coat, Jumper, Trainers

Midi Skirt looks: Besides jeans, I love a midi skirt, more so than any skirt shape. I think it's flattering and looks good dressed down or up. Out of all the skirts, I would say invest in a pleated skirt as it never goes out of style, I own a few and have worn my black pleated M&S one loads!

Shirt, Coat, Skirt, Boots

The dress looks: I always say make use of your dresses from summer, team it with a chunky knit or cardigan, a big coat and boots for a winter look.

Dress, Cardigan, Boots, Earrings

Trouser looks: Trousers are great alternatives if you get tired of wearing jeans, you can get many different textures that will still keep you warm, like the one below.

Jumper, Bag, Trousers, Trainers

Joggers look: Joggers are my favourite, comfortable and stylish depending how you wear yours. Make sure the joggers fit right on you and team them up with a nice jumper and trainers.

Joggers, T-shirt, Coat, Trainers

Hope this has helped a little, thanks for reading!

30 December 2018

Five things I try to take on board

Hello!!! It's been so long, hasn't it! Family life has well and truly taken over this year. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break and are looking forward to 2019.

Something a little different on the blog today. I’ve written about Five things I’ve tried to take on board over the years. With a few hiccups along the way, my life hasn’t been perfect, but I wouldn't change it at all. When I look back throughout the years, some of the most stressful times have actually been a blessing in disguise.  I’ve moved away from people who always attract drama, the ones with negative energy and as a result, I have never been better. If you have these people in your life, make sure 2019 is a year you surround yourself with positive energy. 

The first thing to take on board is YOU WILL BE OK! 
Life won’t always be great but you know what, you will be ok. After my miscarriage last year I was very anxious to be pregnant again, but I now have a beautiful baby boy. I know it's not that easy for some and things may not always work out at the time you want it to, but good things do happen, you will be ok. 

Secondly FEAR 
Don’t let fear get in the way, opportunities don’t always come but when they do, they’ve come for a reason and it’s most likely because you’ve attracted this into your life. Embrace it and give it a go, you have nothing to lose. Don't let fear stop you from moving forward and living your life, 'the best things in life are on the other side of fear'. This is something I'm still learning to do fully, I'm going to make sure 2019 is a year I try and step out of my comfort zone. 

Somethings don’t happen overnight, it has felt like we’ve been searching for a house for ages, but it’s funny how things work out when it’s meant to happen. Just believe it will happen, there is no room for negativity in your mind. Same goes for most things, it will happen, be patient, believe and work hard. What will be will be!  

Easier said than done I know. However, stop worrying and stressing about things that haven’t happened, if something has happened, ask yourself if it can be resolved. If it can’t then stop worrying because it’s out of your control. If it can be resolved then what you worrying about? I honestly try not to stress too much, my husband always says I'm too laid back but I've always been like this....like I mentioned before, what will be, will be. 

Try and enjoy life. Laugh and spend time with people who make you feel good. Life is short and there are many beautiful things out there for us to see and learn. Don’t take life too seriously! 

The above is something I can go back and read when I feel I need a little push in the right direction. Not sure what 2019 will hold but this year was mainly focused on my pregnancy and finding a house. I want to concentrate 2019 on career, house stuff, family and friends. I'm excited to see how my baby boy grows up, it's a lovely year ahead for us as a family.

Thank you for reading and I wish you all a Happy New Year! 

23 September 2018

Coat Edit AW18

Hello all, hope you're all looking forward to Autumn? I guess we're seeing the last of Summer now and if you haven't already thought about coats, I've rounded up my favourites from the high street. I've invested in a couple of coats last Autumn/Winter so hoping I'm not tempted this year to buy any. Saying that I would really like a checked coat...oh and a leopard one, and maybe a simple black or navy coat. Hmmm, I have a feeling I may be tempted!

Here are some essential coats to have in your wardrobe. 

1. Teddy coat/Fur coat
2. Checked coat

1. Brown 2. Red 3. Navy 4. Grey

3. Basic coloured coats (Black/Navy/Grey/Camel)

1. Camel 2. Brown 3. Black 4. Navy 5. Dark Grey

4. Coloured coat

1. Red 2. Pink 3. Orange 4. Green 

5. Puffer coat/Parker/Raincoat

1.Parka  2. Raincoat 3. Geen Puffer, 4. Navy puffer 5. Parka with fur hood

One last coat, it ticks three of the above (fur, checked and coloured). It's from Mango and one to invest in if you want to make a statement.


Lastly, I just wanted to add some leather jackets in, a leather jacket is one of my favourites to wear during mild weather and also the best for layering. Left is a budget one (not real leather), the middle is mid-range but real leather and the last one is more pricey but worth investment.

Left, Middle, Right

Hope this helped in your coat search, remember to stick to what suits you and your style. Happy shopping!