20 November 2017

Topshop - Tee-clutter Edit

Who feels Topshop is too young for them? And who on the other hand still shops there?
I'll be honest, after giving birth to my son and having turned 30 a few months before that, I thought this is it...no more Topshop! Was Topshop too young for me?

In fact, it wasn't and instead I was in a style rut and confused on what a 30-year-old mother should be wearing. It took me a while to get back into my style and start loving fashion again. Topshop was definitely one of those shops that made me think ''am I too old for this store now?!' However, it was the one shop that I could go to for my basics and always had what I was looking for.

Yes...it does get perceived as a brand that is 'too young', but I guarantee there is always something that will catch your eye no matter what your age. Topshop is my go-to place for most things, even for a night out (yep those rare ones), probably the first shops on the high street I go to. I want to show my followers that you don't have to be 'young' to shop there and there are plenty of options in the store.

As it's the festive season, I thought I would put some looks together that are ideal for a night out/work party or Christmas dinner but also wearable after too.

1. Bomber jacket
2. White t-shirt
3. Black t-shirt
4. Trousers
5. Denim jacket
6. Pleated Skirt
7. Short skirt

1. Striped shirt
2. Blue shirt
3. Spotty shirt
4. Long skirt
5. Short skirt
6. Collar shirt

1. Sequin top
2. Blazer
3. Cami top
4. Pink top
5. Denim jacket
6. Cami top
7. Blue rip jeans
8. Blue jeans
9. Satin finish jeans
10. Trousers

Some of my favourite jeans are from Topshop, I've included a few more below. The good ones tend to sell fast, all great for dressing up or down.

L-R: Black straight leg jeansMid-blue ripped mom jeansMid-blue straight leg raw hem jeans,
 Washed black raw hem Orson jeans

Topshop is also great for shoes and accessories, I could spend hours at the Oxford St flagship store just admiring and trying on everything!

Top left-right: Kitten Heel SlingbacksMid Heel ShoesCone Heel ShoesMagic Ankle Boots
Bottom left-right: Heeled sandalsPointed velvet heelsBow court shoesPatent Leather Boots

If you're ever in a 'what to buy' crisis and need some free help, there is always the Topshop personal shopping department to give you a lending hand.

Some dresses I tried on and loved:

L-R: Silk shirt dressStripe knot front dressEmbellished wrap dress

The going out top I bought:

Striped Tie Wrap Kimono Top

Not long now before party season starts so hurry quick before they all sell out. I've added a few everyday basics below too, happy shopping!

Denim Jacket, black hoody, pink jumper, denim shirt
Track pants, denim skirt, Jeans, PU trousers
Scarf, bag, belt, bucket bag

This post was sponsored by Topshop, but all words are my own and my love for Topshop is genuine as I have been shopping there for years!

17 November 2017

Wish List

Christmas is around the corner, if you're clueless to what you want this year, my never-ending list might help you? I love all things fashion and beauty so below I have put down my favourites.

Beauty: I have been testing out the Emms Hardie cleanser and loving it so far, so that's definitely one to get. The purifying glow mask I've tested a sample of and have been meaning to buy one but haven't had the chance. I'm not big on makeup but heard loads of positive reviews about the Eyeko brand. And red nail varnish, well you cant go wrong, can you!

1. Cleansing Balm
2. Mask
3. Nail Varnish
4. Eye makeup

Fashion: The fashion list could possibly go on a lot longer but here are a few things I have had an eye one for a while. The trousers look perfect on this model, not sure how it will look on me but I love it! I think it will look great with the jumper and Vans. The cardigan is cute and will look lovely with denim. And finally the purse, well why not!

1. Purse
2. Cardigan
3. Trousers
4. Sweatshirt
5. Trainers

Miscellaneous: I have wanted this necklace for ages now, perfect for layering. The chole perfume is an old time favourite of mine, love the smell. The candle is just something that will smell nice and look pretty in your home. The book is by Aimee Songs, a blogger and probably one for fashion bloggers and finally, the small bracelet is a cute accessory that fits in well with my simple style.

1. Necklace
2. Book
3. Candle
4. Perfume
5. Bracelet

Happy Shopping, hope some of the things have given you some ideas.

8 November 2017

Statement Knitwear

All images from Pinterest

Winter is definitely around the corner, the days are getting colder so cover up in those cosy jumpers till Spring. Basic wasn't even an option when it came to knitwear on the catwalks, it was all about the statement knitwear.

The bright coloured knit below would definitely make a statement, it would also look great with a plain skirt or dress, team it up with boots or trainers. 

Jumper, Bag, Jeans, Boots

I have the below blue jumper from H&M, a perfect Christmassy jumper which can be worn year after year. The below knitwear are jumpers that may not be a big statement but still stands out. Sometimes a none patterned jumper can make a difference too, it could be the sleeve detail, details of the neckline, the stitching or material. Let the jumper do the talking!

H&M, Topshop
ASOS, Topshop

Or why not go for some wardrobe essentials with a twist. We have leopard print, stripes and a grey jumper! Your basic grey or black jumper can make a statement too by how you wear it. You can make them a little different by rolling the sleeves up, tucking it into jeans or even adding some accessories like layered necklaces, iron-on patches, badges or brooches?

&otherstories, ASOS, Zara

If you fancy spending a little more, check out the below gorgeous jumpers, I've added this to my 'in my dreams wish list'.

Left to Right: Madewell, ChloƩAlexa Chung

Happy shopping!