27 November 2016

Shimmer and shine

Every year in the run up to Christmas there is ALWAYS some shimmer and shine on the high street. Even though I have nowhere to go...(Sigh), I do like what I see. It's an item that pops up every year and eventually becomes an essential in your wardrobe.

Below are some ways to dress down sequins or metallic to make it more wearable. The easiest way is to team them up with trainers and t-shirt. Pair it up with denim too to mix the combination of dressy and casual. Try also adding a chunky knit jumper or sweatshirt over a skirt. Saying all this, I still don't have the courage to wear sequins during the day, but I think theses street stylers show us the perfect ways to dress them down.

Images from Pinterest

High street picks:

1. H&M skirt £24.99
2. H&M top £29.99
3. H&M skirt £29.99 (Same skirt I'm wearing below)
4. Zara skirt £49.99
5. Mango top £35.99
6. ASOS dress £48.00 - With this dress add a jumper over it and pair with trainers for a casual look (Similar to the above maxi skirt street style look)
7. Topshop jacket £59.00
8. New Look jacket £29.99

If you're not into sequins and glitter clothing, below are a few subtle ways to show some shimmer. Alternatively, try velvet or lace for the party season.

1. Topshop bag
2. Mango bag
3. Topshop Socks
4. H&M earrings
5. &OtherStories pink shoes
6. &OtherStories silver shoes

Happy Shopping!

23 November 2016


Can't imagine my life without leggings, loved them in my teens and loved them even more during my pregnancy and after birth. Then the leggings became my go-to outfit errryday, becoming my love-hate essentials in my wardrobe. From owning around 5 or 6, nearly one for each day, I had to get rid! I now own a velvet pair, a denim pair (worn mainly indoors) and a basic black one meant for workouts, which never gets used.

Love them or hate them I think we all need a pair or two in our wardrobe. The number one essential being the leather leggings, which I am still yet to own. An easy item to dress for Winter, all you have to do is throw on a chunky knit jumper. Dress it up with a shirt or t-shirt and add some accessories. 

Images from Pinterest

The high street has a good selection of leggings this season, plus if you're feeling trendy they also have stirrup leggings!? (I haven't owned one since my childhood).

Left to Right: H&M £17.99, French Connection £42 (on offer), Isabel Marant √Čtoile £145

Obviously, if you want real leather, you will have to invest in a lot more like the below Calvin Klein one for £555. But I guess it is an investment piece that should last you a long time.

Other leggings to consider:

Left to Right: Zara £19.99, H&M £14.99, H&M £29.99, Topshop £18

If you're looking for something similar to leggings but not too tight, I would go for the stirrup trousers from H&M (third one from above), similar to leggings but a tad looser and smarter. If it's some colour you want, go for red!

Happy Shopping!

18 November 2016

Wardrobe Essentials

Yesterday, I managed to pluck up the courage and join Makeup Artist Vithya in front of the camera for a collaboration Vlog. I met Vithya last year in November when I went along to one of her one-to-one tutorial classes, since then we have become good friends sharing a love of food and clothes. With some needed help on the hair and makeup side, I was ready to talk about wardrobe essentials and more.

Firstly I went through Vithya's wardrobe, talked about staples and how to style pieces together. We discussed how to dress this winter too and the art of layering.

Hope you enjoy this video as much as we did.

My wardrobe essentials

Black blazer: So versatile, dress it up by pairing it with a dressy top or heels, dress it down with jeans and trainers.

Converse trainers: White trainers can go with anything, even a sequin skirt.

Breton top: Can't live without this item, goes with most things, even leopard print.

White t-shirt: Check out my post on this here. One of my favourite essentials.

Chunky knit cardigan: Great for layering over dresses/skirts and jeans. I wear mine a lot during Winter.

Denim jacket: Not only for summer, but it can be layered under a coat too during colder months, check out my post on layering here and here.

Once you have some of the basics, you can start styling around these pieces to create a style suited to you. So for me, I love adding graphic t-shirts, different styles of shirts, and adding colour to my wardrobe. I try not to be lead too much on trends as they never last in my wardrobe. But don't be afraid to try new things out and have fun with clothes. It took ages for me to wear colour, but I'll happily wear it now. I think the number one rule is to wear what you feel comfortable and confident in, there is no point buying the dress or top if it's not going to make you feel great in it.

If anyone wants to recreate vithya's looks on the video, I've put together the items below:

Bershka Jumper, Boohoo Lace Top (Also try this body by Miss Guided), Topshop Jeans, H&M skirt, Shoe Embassy Boots

Thank you for reading, and a big thank you to Vithya for having me. You can follow Vithya on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Snapchat, and she also has a blog The Art Of Beauty.

10 November 2016

Graphic tees

What's better than a plain basic t-shirt? A graphic t-shirt of course. It engages interest to your outfit whether it be a catchy slogan, a rock tee, or something quirky, making your outfit a little edgy. Although a t-shirt may seem like daywear, a graphic t-shirt would work well dressed up for a night out. My favourite look would be with jeans and heels and lots of accessories, let the t-shirt do all the talking. Here are few of my favourite looks from Pinterest:

Day looks: Wear casually with trousers/jeans/skirts and pair with trainers or flats.

Evening looks: Dress the t-shirt up with a metallic skirt, leather or jeans, add heels for an evening look.

What's on the high street?

1. Urban Outfitters £26
2. Whistles £45
3. Replay £65
4. Morgan £19 
5. Levis £30

And a few from Mango. Left: Modal blend Tee Middle: Modal-blend Tee Right: Sequined Tee

3 November 2016

Layering Up

It may seem like layering is something we do during the colder months, but it has become more of a fashion statement where we use layering to achieve a certain look. This summer was all about t-shirts under camis or dresses, carrying this on into Winter by adding another layer on top or replacing the t-shirt with a jumper. Mixing different fabrics and layering clothes is a great way to show off more of your clothes and create a stylish look. Last year I posted a post on layering, explaining how to layer the basics, today I wanted to share more looks, giving you more options on how to layer.

(All images are from Pinterest)

The simple way to layer a dress is to add a t-shirt/top or jumper underneath. Try also layering the dress over trousers/jeans, this way you can make more use out of your dresses during the colder months.

Long-sleeved tops are the best for layering jumpers. Create an interest to your outfit by adding a stripe, lace or printed top/shirt underneath. With shorter jumpers add a longer top or shirt to show off every bit of what you're wearing.

Don't be afraid to layer up coats/jackets/blazers/gilets, to layer properly mix light outerwear with heavy outerwear. For example, a biker jacket, denim jacket or blazer are great under coats. Gilets are perfect over leather. Try mixing and matching until you know what's right for you, have fun with it, but just don't do a Joey from Friends :)

Images from Pinterest