15 June 2017


The British high street, to be frank, is number one when it comes to shopping. Topshop is one of the major high street stores that make it the best, delivering fashion-forward as well as the wardrobe basics like the good old white t-shirt and jeans. Shopping there for over 15 years now and it's still going strong for me. I can spend hours in the Topshop Oxford Street store and not realise the time fly by and end up leaving with something, whether it be clothing, accessories, shoes or jewellery (or a cheeky Lolas cupcake).

I have hand picked out my favourite wardrobe essentials and put some outfits together that are simple to create, starting with everyday casual looks:

The dungarees are an essential in my wardrobe, it's easy to wear, stylish and wearable all year round. I've teamed this up with classic white trainers and a white tee, paired with a fuschia pink bag to make the outfit stand out. The second outfit is another classic, striped t-shirt that has a slight twist to the basic striped tee and mom jeans. I paired this with a statement footwear and a red bag (available in store), again the accessories do all the talking. The third outfit was a simple white shirt over black jeans and black sandals, here the bag (available in store) was the statement piece and made such a difference.

In the first outfit, I'm wearing classic khaki trousers paired with a slogan tee and trainers, I paired this with a yellow bag that blended in well with the colours. The second look I'm wearing the same mom jeans as before but with a cami and slip on shoes, adding a bit more necklaces for detail (available in store). The third outfit is another timeless look, the camo jacket, white shirt and skinny jeans. I decided to wear red shoes for this outfit.

Evening looks:

The evening looks are mixed up with the classics, for the first look, I teamed the slogan tee with a denim skirt and red shoes and earrings. This outfit can easily be dressed down with trainers. The second look, again wearing the mom jeans I wore it with black block heel sandals and a white cami, the yellow coat made all the difference. Third look I added a black blazer and red heels to a simple look.

The ultimate wardrobe classic:

The white t-shirt and jean look is the ultimate classic look, can't go wrong really. For the evening add a blazer (In store), statement earrings and heels.

Holiday Essential - Denim shorts

Denim shorts are the first things I pack for a holiday. I've paired mine with a straw hat and t-shirt, a strolling around town look.

I hope you liked some of my picks, Topshop is great for wardrobe staples but also one of the best for trend pieces too. Everything I picked is available either online or in store. I just wanted to say I haven't been sponsored in any way for this post, I genuinely love Topshop and wanted to do a post on one of my favourite high street shops. A big thank you to the Topshop personal shopping department in Oxford Street for all the help and for letting me use their space. I would definitely recommend booking with them if you need help. Lastly, a massive thank you to my lovely friend Caroline for taking the photos. She came along with her beautiful little girl who was an angel, safe to say the department is mum friendly and the staff are very friendly too. Happy Shopping!

29 May 2017

Holiday Ready

Images from Pinterest

My husband and I moan day in day out we need a holiday but take forever booking something, we are in desperate need of some relaxation. Not even booked anywhere yet and I'm already looking (shopping) for things I may NEED on holiday. Holiday clothes are great, for me, I get to wear certain things I wouldn't normally consider wearing here. I mean you can prance around in swimwear and shorts if you wanted to. There are a few essentials I always pack when it comes to a holiday wear, denim shorts being one of them. Other essentials are sandals/flip flops, beach bag, swimwear, floaty dress, maxi and a good long shirt (which I use as a cover up). I have grouped together all the above and more for my holiday essentials.

1. H&M sunglasses
2. &otherstories headband
3. Mango tee
4. Primark cami
5. Topshop sandals
6. ASOS shirt
7. H&M swimsuit
8. Topshop denim shorts
9. &otherstories swimsuit
10. New Look sandals
11. Topshop shorts
12. Honey Rocks basket


Left to Right: &otherstories, ASOS, Warehouse, Warehouse

Happy shopping!

21 May 2017

Summer Dresses

I get very excited over new season clothes but then I play the waiting game, waiting for the appropriate weather to come. With the unpredictable weather, I was never too sure what to wear. But apparently, we are in for a good week this week.

I bought the below dress mid-April and ended up wearing it over jeans as I was fed up waiting for sunnier days. It's a great little dress, especially for holidays, the gingham, the tassels and the colour, what's not to love.

Zara dress £29.99

I also purchased the below dress recently, my mate spotted it in a local shop so I tried it on to see what it would look like on. I then went home, pondered on it, Instagrammed it and basically couldn't stop thinking about it. Went back the next day to get it. The only thing about this dress is that it doesn't come with a slip and it is very sheer, I can definitely see myself wearing this on holiday, will look lovely with a black body underneath. Or alternatively a long sleeve black midi dress, easily get a cheap one from Primark.

Lace and Beads £48 

What else is on the high street? Usually, around this time, many stores start bringing in all the lovely dresses, mainly for wedding season but also holidays and for summer season too. Although I am mainly a jeans and t-shirt type of girl, if I see a dress I like I will try it. I would happily buy a dress that I can dress up or down. Here are my favourites.

New Look Blue dress (Red here)
Stradivarius black racer dress
ASOS cami dress

Zara mini dress
Mango ruffled dress
Mango linen dress

If you want something a little more dressy, this wrap dress from Topshop is perfect. Wear the dress with trainers or heels, great also for a wedding. It comes in tall if you want a longer length and the bright red colour will definitely make a statement.

Lastly, I love this playful dress from ASOS, it's bright, fun and floaty, perfect for summer days.

ASOS Smock dress 

Happy shopping and hope everyone enjoys the sunshine this week.

12 May 2017

Easy Styling

Rushing in the early hours of the morning for the school run or work can sometimes mean you don't always get time to put outfits together. I sometimes go through my wardrobe in my head as I'm lying in bed, which occasionally helps. There was a time (long ago) where I USED to properly plan my outfit the night before, check the weather and even iron my clothes (this was before motherhood obviously). As I work from home, I don't go out often, I mean apart from the school drop off and pick up it's either the supermarket or local town centre (exciting life). I usually just throw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt, easy dressing really.

This week I wanted to show you some outfits that are easy and effortless. (Below are images of me from this week, others from Pinterest). 

Monday is always the hardest, I hardly ever make an effort. So my outfit or uniform as I like to call it was jeans and a stripy top. I noticed this is a popular choice for many on my Instagram, very easy to dress and you can't go wrong can you really?

Tuesday I wore a boiler suit. I've mentioned jumpsuits and boilersuits on my blog a few times, it's honestly so easy to wear, by adding a biker jacket on top and trainers it's a perfect everyday outfit.

Wednesday! Yay, the sun came out! Usually, I panic as I'm not used to the sun and think what the doughnut am I going to wear?!! Well, this is when the pleated skirt comes to the rescue. I'm not ready to brave the shorts or shorter skirts just yet, but mid length is always a winner for me. I teamed this up with a slogan t-shirt and trainers (of course).

Thursday, this was a nice day but rained a little, but was warm and reached a high of 19 degrees. I'm never sure what to wear when the weather's a bit unpredictable, so I went back to basics and wore my jeans and t-shirt.

I'm always in a hurry after the school run on a Friday as I take my son swimming and most of the time I sweat to death in those swimming bars and tiny changing room cubicles. Never know what to wear! As I was out in central London in the morning, I decide to wear something practical, which was my dungarees. My dungarees are one of my favourite items, you can wear anything under it depending on the weather or occasion. Can't go wrong.

Weekends I have more time to myself but still stick to my uniform sometimes. What's your uniform or fall back outfit?

1. New Look Tee £9.99
2. Topshop Jeans £40
3. H&M Tee £8.99
4. H&M Skirt £49.99
5. Topshop Dungarees £50
6. H&M Top £12.99
7. Topshop Jeans £40
8. New Look Tee £12.99
9. Mango skirt £49.99
10. Converse £44.99

Thank you for reading as always.

7 May 2017

Summer Sandals

Hi, everyone, yes it's been a while I know. Due to me moving into a new home, I have been sorting out my clothes and shoes, organising what I NEED and what I don't. Trying to also figure out what I would like to invest in. After looking at my shoe collection, I realise I own ALOT of flats and hardly any sandals or wearable heels. So today's post is all about sandals, sandals that stand out.

I recently purchased a pair of leopard print mid heel sandals, my kind of heel too! It's a perfect height to wear during the day or for a night out, also looks great with socks too! Sadly it's sold out now, they also have it in a gorgeous grey here and a tan colour here. Worth checking stores for availability.

Topshop shoes and Jeans

Below are a few heeled and flat sandals that are in stock, fingers crossed! I guess it's worth getting them now rather than waiting for the weather to warm up.

1. Office £30
2. ASOS £25
3. ASOS £35
4. Mango £49.99
5. Topshop £24

Sometimes investing in shoes can help more than anything. By adding a statement shoe to a basic outfit, the outfit becomes a little less basic. Same applies for a bag, it's all in the accessories most of the time. Hope your summer ready more than me, happy shopping as always!

15 April 2017

The Peasant Top

The peasant top: puffed sleeves, embroidery, roomy and usually the odd tassels too, what's not to like. A summer essential, not just for holidays, wear over skirts/denim and under dungarees. I bought one last year from the Zara sale (here & here) but was on the look for another this year. I tried on the insta famous Next top but wasn't feeling it much on me. The other day I opened my email and came across the TOMS co-lab collection with '& Other stories', I loved it all. I quickly ordered the below top but was in two minds after receiving it. But tried it on again and fell in love with, it's funny how a little makeup and clean hair can make an outfit more desirable. Since receiving the top, it has sold out online but worth checking stores for stock. I think I love it more as I never knew about the tassels on the sleeves, sometimes it's the little things.

Here are a few from the high street:
First up is the Zara striped blouse with embroideries and tassels, a fun bright top perfect for summer, definitely a top that will brighten up your day.

Next is the insta famous Next embroidered long sleeve top I mentioned previously, it also comes in blue too. I first saw it on Alex from The Frugality on her Instagram stories, it looked amazing on her. A perfect combination with blue denim.

Another one I like is the below peasant blouse from M&S, seen it on a few bloggers I follow and looks lovely on. The difference with this top is the neckline, but the style is similar to other peasant tops and more wearable in some ways.

If you want something a little different for summer or holiday wear, this off the shoulder top is perfect for day and night and will look amazing with statement earrings and denim cut-offs. Not bad for £17.99 from New Look.

Lastly is this amazing top from Revolve, not high street price but thought I'd share it anyway as it's just my kind of top and perfect in every way minus the price. Now to find this exact top cheaper! (Revolve Oaxaca crochet blouse  £214.07)

Leaving you with some inspiration from Pinterest:

Images from Pinterest

Happy Shopping!

15 March 2017

Pyjama style

All images from Vogue
Top L-R: Alexander Wang, Alexander Wang, Burberry
Bottom L-R: Apartamento 03, Apartamento 03, Dolce & Gabbana

Never thought I'd wear pyjama tops other than bedtime, but I probably thought the same about slip tops and dresses at the time too. The sleepwear trend was a favourite among some designers this Spring/Summer, we even saw the night robe making an appearance too!

I find the v-neck style on the pyjama tops very flattering, despite the relaxed fit it can still look quite sexy and perfect for an evening out. For a casual look pair with jeans and flats and if you're feeling very on trend then try the whole pyjama look by pairing with loose wide leg trousers. There is no particular way to wear these tops, wear them how you would wear shirts.

All images from Pinterest

Here are a few from the high street:

1. Lipsy £16
2. Miss Selfridge £32
3. Topshop £32
4. River Island £38
5. Topshop £29

Alternatively, you could always buy actual pyjamas and wear them as tops and when you've worn them out, wear them to bed. I love these from Miss Guided. (Pink £28, Nude £28)

Thanks for reading and happy shopping.

5 March 2017


One of my favourite items to wear for an evening out is a shirt, it can be as relaxed as you want it to be or as sexy or smart as you want it to be. It' s a great item for mums breastfeeding too, easy all round. Whether it be a plain white shirt, button down stripe shirt or a printed shirt it can be worn season after season.

I wear most of my shirts with jeans (no surprise there then), below are a few ways you can wear your shirt according to the occasion (All images from Pinterest).

For a casual way to dress most shirts, roll the sleeves up or leave the shirt untucked. Pair with jeans, casual jackets or trainers.

If you want to dress your shirt up for an evening, you could unbutton some of the buttons, add accessories or even show a little lace underneath. Tuck shirt in completely or let out loosely.

Any shirt can be smartened up by a pair of smart trousers or skirt.

Shirts are easy layering pieces, wear under jumpers and over t-shirts. Try layering under a dress or over a jumper for something different.

Wear it with a twist:
Wear back to front, off the shoulder, tied up or knotted up. These are the new fresh ways to wear a shirt, following on from last year.

Shirt Dress:
Same as a shirt but longer. A longer shirt can be turned into a shirt dress too, tie a belt around it or leave loose, also great as a beach cover-up.

Make more use out of your shirts this Spring, hope the above inspiration helped a little. I've picked a few of my favourites from the high street:

1. Religion £65
2. Topshop £32
3. Mango £17.99
4. H&M £24.99
5. Topshop £34
6. Zara £25.99

A few wardrobe essentials below: I love the back detail on this Zara stripe shirt, I would wear it in the evening with heels but easily works well for a daytime look too. Then at the bottom is an ASOS denim shirt and an essential H&M white shirt, both ideal for layering and everyday wear.

Happy Shopping!