8 July 2019

Summer Wear

Hope everyone's enjoying the on and off hot weather, sorry if it's raining where you are, hoping it brightens up for you. I'm praying the weather stays like this for the summer holidays as we might not be going on holiday this year (silently cries to one's self). We really need to decorate the house slowly and going on holiday will basically mean the house will remain the same. If we can do at least one room, I'll be happy!

Anyway, here are my summer essentials for the hot season, whether you're going on holiday or not these are some of the things I'm lusting over.

1. Dresses/Jumpsuits

Top L-R: Linen dress, Jumpsuit, Checked dress, Boilersuit
Bottom L-R: White dress, Pink Maxi, Ribbed Maxi, Red Dress

2. Bottoms

1. Linen Blend Shorts 2. Pale blue shorts 3. Paperbag denim shorts
4. Trousers 5. Satin style skirt 6. Pleated skirt

3. Tops

1. White tee 2. Floral pleated blouse 3. Knot front blouse
4. Short sleeve shirt 5. Gingham blouse 6. White Shirt

4. Accessories/shoes

1. Basket 2. Black flip flops 3. Pink sunglasses 4. Small basket
5. Yellow swimsuit 6. Bikini top 7. Black woven shoes
8. Headband 9. Sunglasses 10. Bracelets 11. Yellow Flip flops