26 October 2016

Basic Tee Dressed Up

Never underestimate the power of a basic t-shirt, especially a white tee. I'm pretty sure many of us have the one or two or even several white t-shirts (like me) in their wardrobe. They may not stay white for too long, but I'm always keeping my eye out for new ones. I do wear mine a lot, whether it be under something, on its own or dressed up. The white t-shirt especially can be so versatile as it goes well with most of our clothes.

There are many different ways to dress up a basic tee, throwing on a trophy jacket is one of the easiest options. A trophy jacket should transform your outfit, making a statement, perfect over a basic white tee. Jacqueline Mikuta's shows us an example of a statement jacket below top left and how easy it is to make a simple white tee and jeans dressy. She makes every outfit look so good that she has me staring at her for ages.

Another way is to wear a lace or silk cami over your tee, which leaves your t-shirt less than basic. Other ways are layering the t-shirt, adding a blazer or showing off some lace under a v-neck tee. A basic tee can also dress down clothes like a statement skirt or trouser, but at the same time it dresses up the basic tee (If that makes sense).

Accessories automatically make a statement to your plain t-shirts, try layering up necklaces, adding a neckerchief or wearing a statement earring or necklace. Either way, I think we have established you can never have too many basic t-shirts.

(More inspiration here and here on the white tee, all images above are from Pinterest or stated)

Below are a few ways to wear the white t-shirt.

1. Zara Printed Jacket £69.99
2. H&M Sparkly Earrings £14.99
3. H&M Short Necklace £14.99
4. ASOS Sequin Jacket £63 (sale)
5. Topshop Black Jeans £40
6. Mango Velvet Blazer £69.99
7. H&M Jersey T-shier £14.99
8. H&M Strappy Top £7.99
9. ASOS Velvet Pleated Skirt £38

Next time you have nothing to wear on a night out, why not try dressing up your basic tee. Happy shopping and thank you for reading.

21 October 2016

Coloured Shoes

Although I love bright colours, I tend to fall for the blacks, greys and neutrals...the safe colours. The same applies when it comes to my shoes, I see a lot of black!  I, therefore, decided to leave my comfort zone and own a pair of bright coloured shoes. Not usually what I go for but as soon as I tried them on, I loved them. I don't do heels, so the block heel and height was ideal for me, and the shade of red was just right.

Wallis shoes (Sold out online) Similar here and here, Topshop Jeans

I wore them for the first time last night, pairing it up with my white tee and black jeans. A pop of red without a doubt made a difference to my outfit as to wearing black shoes. Next time I'll try pair them up with blue denim and a big knit jumper. Personally, I like to keep it simple, so I'd wear coloured shoes with everyday basics. How do you wear yours? (Some street style images below from Pinterest)

Here are a few shoes I love from the high street:

Zara pink suede, Mango patent, Topshop blue heels, Zara red lace-up flats

But here's my kind of coloured footwear.

Adidas Gazelle Trainers

Happy Shopping!

13 October 2016


Although I have a few jumpers in my wardrobe, it doesn't stop me hunting down different styles and colours every year. This year I'm very fond of the oversized jumpers, chunky knits and coloured options.

The long oversized jumpers are the best ones to have this season, wear it with dresses, skirts and jeans, a perfect Autumn look. Layer up with a jacket or coat for when it gets slightly colder and wear a top or shirt underneath. (All images from Pinterest)

Chunky knits remind me of Winter, the thick texture and the instant feeling of being comfy. I love the way these ladies have styles theirs.  I will most definitely be trying to squeeze mine under my dungarees. Try tucking them into trousers, skirts and jeans or wearing them with a lace top underneath.

I certainly need more colour in my wardrobe, the blacks, greys and creams are my safe colours which I tend to opt for most of the time. But as I have too many of these colours, my challenge will be to add more colours to my Winter wardrobe this year. A coloured jumper will look a lot better paired with jeans and will lift any outfit, brightening up a grey winter's day. 

What are the options on the high street:

1. &OtherStories £65
2. French Connection £70
3. ASOS £112
4. Zara £29.99
5. ASOS £65
6. River Island £30
7. Zara £25.99
8. H&M £14.99
9. H&M £29.99
10. H&M £17.99

Happy Shopping and why don't you try adding some colour this Winter too if you don't already.

9 October 2016

Jord Watches

Me being around jewellery is very much like my son in a toy shop, he doesn't necessarily need it but wants it. I used to go crazy over jewellery, but over time, I have tried to cut down and now stick to my everyday jewellery pieces with the few statement ones.

My watch has to be my number one jewellery piece, can't leave the house without one and my phone will never replace it (even though I'm guilty of checking the time on it). Doesn't matter what watch I'm wearing, I can't bare to cover it up with my sleeves, I need it visible (Unless it's cold). Watches were my weakness at one point, where I used to invest in one nearly every year. However, over the years, I've stopped using my other watches and rely on my everyday watch, which is my Casio mini digital. But it's time to mix it up again, so I was over the moon when JORD wood watches contacted me to do a review on their watches.

The watch comes in this fab wooden box which also has a small compartment at the bottom.  

JORD is an American brand who specialise in unique handcrafted wood timepieces. Their watches come in stylish designs and colours for everyday wear and perfect for my casual style. I have chosen the women's watch Cora series purpleheart and mother of pearl which is a great colour for this Autumn/Winter. I love the fact this particular style of watch is automatic so won't require any batteries and made with sapphire glass. Sapphire glass is 'mechanically the second only to diamond as the hardest and most scratch-resistant materials on earth', good to know if you're around kids or not the best at looking after your jewellery.

Here are my top four favourites from the brand.

1. FRANKIE 35 series Dark Sandalwood & Slate
2. FRANKIE 35 series Zebrawood & Champagne
3. FRANKIE 35 series Dark Sandalwood & Slate
4. FRANKIE series Ebony & Gold

At the moment my arm candy is very simple, wearing nothing but a watch or a watch with a couple of thin bangles. Trying to take some inspiration from the below images and loving every single one, how do you style yours?  

Images from Pinterest

Competition time! 
I teamed up with JORD watches to give one lucky reader $75 e-voucher, plus everyone who enters gets $20 e-gift card (excluding the winner). If you want to enter for a chance to win, click HERE 
(Competition ends Sunday 30th October 2016) Good Luck!!! 


Luxury Wood Watch

5 October 2016


'I like big clothes and I can not lie, you other ladies can't deny'. Yes, that was cringe (bet you sang it), come on who doesn't like baggy clothes, I'm forever taking my husband's jumpers or shirts and always like to size up on tops.

This season everything was oversized, a trend that has been around for some time. If you're not sure how to dress this trend, see below.

When it comes to shirts, as long as the shoulders sit right, the rest can be big all over. I would focus on the sleeves or the length of the shirt (or both) to achieve the oversized look. With jumpers, the same applies, big all over including width. If you want to go oversized with a dress, focus on it having length or width (or both), making sure it sits right on the shoulders. See below a few street style looks, all pulling off the oversized look well. (All images from Pinterest).

With trousers, go big on the width of the leg, try pairing with a less oversized top.

Oversized outerwear, LOVE IT! Go big on the sleeves, length or width (or all over if it sits right on the shoulders). Denim jackets look better if it's a boxy shape with big pockets. Wear oversized coats and jackets over anything this Autumn/Winter, and if you're feeling like Rihanna, then go huge for this trend. (Only she can pull off this look).

A few of my favourites from H&M, they also do an oversized denim jacket but nearly sold out.

Top Left to Right: Jumper, T-shirt, Trousers
Bottom Left to Right: Shirt, Hooded Top, Coat

And a few from my other favourite high street stores:

Left to Right: Topshop coat, &Otherstories jumper, ASOS coat, Zara shirt
Left to Right: Monki jumper, COS dress, Zara shirt, ASOS dress

Thank you for reading and happy shopping as always!