29 June 2016

Rainy Days

All images from Pinterest

What to wear on a muggy raining day? I would say wear what you would on a hot day and if it does happen to rain have an umbrella or raincoat by your side. Although I love the warmth, the humidity and rain together is a nightmare, especially on my hair!

So what is practical and stylish on the high street? If you want to show off your summer outfit, try buying a transparent raincoat like the below Hunter vinyl one.

Hunter £140

Or this black frosted plastic Mac from Topshop, the downside is you may get even hotter and stickier wearing plastic!

Topshop £50

But if it's a bit of colour that you want or pattern, I've put together a few of my favourite raincoats and Macs from the high street.

1. ASOS Petite £75
2. Mango £59.99
3. Bershka £29.99 (In Store)
4. Topshop £79
5. ASOS £22
6. Urban Outfitters £132
7. Boohoo £10
8. Tesco £14

Or if you fancy yourself with an eye-catching umbrella, here are a few I like.

Top left to right: M&S £15, Cath Kidston £14, Paperchase £12
Bottom left to right: Topshop £16, Accessorize £12, Tesco £3.99

If you're looking for a larger umbrella this £4 umbrella from Primark is a favourite of mine.

Primark £4

Here's to a warm sunny summer! Happy shopping.

21 June 2016

Summer Dresses

It's officially summer, although it was raining yesterday, the sun is beaming today in the beautiful blue sky. As I'm writing this I hear someone's lawnmower, for me, summer is well and truly here, the smell of freshly cut grass is summer.

Dresses are probably the ultimate item of clothing to have in your summer wardrobe, but with so many dresses around it can be hard to pick one just right for you. There is nothing worse than a dress that is clinging on to me. Summer dresses should be floaty and breathable in my opinion.

I'm not much of a dress person but do love a good dress. I have been looking online and have seen some lovely dresses that I would consider a 'summer dress'.

First up is this New Look dress, it's a bit low cut for me but very cute, more like a pinafore dress so you can wear a t-shirt or top underneath. The below image is from the ASOS site, but if you look on the New Look website they have styled it with a top.

New Look £24.99

Next is this cotton dress from Mango, it has the most beautiful details on the top half of the dress, it's floaty and pretty....is this the ultimate summer dress?  

Mango £59.99

If you're looking for something more breezy, the below dress is lightweight with a swing style, no chance of it clinging onto you. 

ASOS £35

If however you want your arms covered and want a little more length in your dress, I would go for a shirt dress. This one from Topshop with its cute cactus design would be perfect even after summer. Wear with sandals in the summer, change to boots for winter and pair with a leather jacket.

Topshop £49

This white shirt dress from H&M is also a favourite of mine I've seen.

H&M £29.99

If you prefer a maxi dress, try this white Vila dress from ASOS. It screams out summer!

ASOS £55

Lastly, if you need a floaty dress for a wedding, evening or if you're looking for something more elegant, this is the dress for you, very feminine.

Whistles £150

I'm hoping for a good summer this year and looking forward to plenty of sunshine! Thank you for reading and here is some inspiration from Pinterest.

16 June 2016

Zara Sale Buys

I usually try and avoid sale unless I'm looking for something specific, the mess and overload of clothes puts me off in most stores.  But saying that, Zara sale is one of the best on the high street, there is always something worth getting. My local Zara store was reasonably quiet this morning, so I took the opportunity to browse properly and try things on, as you do.

Personally, when I shop sale I try to look for tops more than anything, something easy to throw over my jeans. Shirts and t-shirts are my biggest weakness, but shirts especially as they can be styled in so many ways whether it's just rolling up the sleeves or layering it under a jumper.

The below Zara shirt reminded me of a Pinterest image I had saved on my phone, I don't think you can go wrong with stripes, it will go with anything. Wear over denim, leather pants or skirt, shorts or plain trousers. I was nearly tempted to buy this but left it behind. (Zara Shirt with flap pocket £17.99)

There's no going wrong with khaki, this one from Zara has studs on the shoulders and would look better in my option as outerwear. Wear over a simple grey tee with open front or tucked into black bottoms or blue jeans. (Zara shirt with shoulder details £17.99)

And finally, a blue pinstripe shirt, similar to a white shirt it can be for the office or worn as casual wear, I purchased this one realising I don't have a blue pinstripe shirt. Loved the loose fit and bought a size small. (Zara striped shirt £12.99)

When it comes to bottoms, I do like Zara trousers or jeans, but a few months back I spotted the below skirt in store (not online now). It reminded me of the below street style image, I tried it on previously and again today desperately wanting it to look good, wasn't flattering on me but worth a try if you see it in store. 

Zara's dresses are amazing, but you do need to grab them quick. Wear a slip dress like the below under a jumper, bomber or cardigan or try a t-shirt under it for this summers 90's trend. (Zara Floral Camisole dress £19.99, worth checking store as this one is nearly sold out)

This below dress is simple and timeless, great value at £7.99 too. (Zara Long dress) 

I hope you manage to find yourself some bargains. Happy sale shopping! 

13 June 2016


My love for khaki continues, this time with camouflage. The military look has grown on me more over the years, and although I have a few things khaki I realised I don't own anything camouflage. Not that I need anything camo, but lately I have seen some lovely things on the high street that I have been eyeing up. The camouflage print over the years has just become another print we can all get on board with, similar to the leopard print and plaid.

The high street this summer has some of the best camo patterns, just like the leopard print I'm quite particular as the colour and pattern has to be right. One blogger that has nailed the camo style to perfection is Julie SariƱana from Sincerely Jules. Most of her outfits have a casual vibe but always stylish and well put together.  

All images from Pinterest

Other street style inspiration:

All images from Pinterest

Since coming across the above image of the camo bag a few months back, I realise I may need one too. I saw one in Topshop recently that I have been looking at every so often online, think I may need to get this depending on how big it is against me.

Topshop Shopper bag £26

If you feel the camo print is not for you, try this simple slogan t-shirt from ASOS. I would wear this with a black pleated skirt, jeans or trousers. 

ASOS £14

If you're feeling brave and don't mind the camo print, this coat from ASOS is gorgeous!  The colours are not your typical colours, but the pink, blue and mustard seem to mix well together.

Jumpers and coats are always the best options if you want something camouflage. I have selected more of my favourite camo clothes below. 

1. Urban Outfitters £39
2. Urban Outfitters £36
3. New Look £7.99
4. Topshop £45
5. Topshop £32
6.Topshop £35

Remember to style your camo clothes with plain colours and to keep it minimal. Happy shopping!

8 June 2016

Basic Tees

The basic t-shirt is a wardrobe favourite of mine, I've become very reliant on it, especially on days where "I have nothing to wear". The best thing about the tee is that you don't have to spend too much on one, the downside?...It can be a nightmare to shop for as it comes in so many different variations. A basic t-shirt is one to try on before you buy, it can come in countless different styles, materials and lengths and then there's the neck style too. I have always had problems getting the perfect tee until now.

When I'm in central London, Regent St has to be one of my favourite roads to shop as it's quieter and has most of my favourite shops which are: & Other storiesCOS and H&M. All three are part of the H&M group, so is it any wonder why I love them.

COS is known for its contemporary designs, their basic t-shirts, in my opinion, are the best I've tried so far. & Other Stories was a store I discovered while walking past the Regent St store on its store opening day, I was captivated by how beautiful everything was, I could spend hours in that one store. They do a large range of women's clothing, shoes, jewellery, bags and makeup...now you know why I can spend hours there. Lastly, H&M, their fashion line is one of the best on the high street, and their basic t-shirts sell from as little as £3.99.

COS T-shirt (old) similar here

Fell in love with this skirt but had to stop me from shopping, it had pockets, slits on the side, mid-length and an elastic waist, what's not to love!

COS t-shirt and skirt tried on in store.

COS T-shirt

& Other Stories T-shirt and jeans

H&M T-shirt

& Other Stories £29
& Other Stories £29
& Other Stories £19
& Other Stories £29
H&M £7.99
COS £29
COS £17
H&M £7.99

Thanks for reading and let me know if there is a favourite shop you go to for basics, would love to hear from you.