30 August 2015


Do you want skinny, straight, girlfriend, boyfriend, high waisted, low waisted, cropped or flared? Yes, I’m talking about jeans, jeans can be a nightmare to shop for.  Then there’s the wash, how distressed you want them and how does your bum look in them.  The dilemmas we women go through just to buy jeans. It can be a challenging task, but luckily for me the day I went jeans shopping I was fortunate enough to leave the store with two pairs of jeans and a sigh of relief.

I normally go high street to buy my jeans but own a few branded jeans that I had invested in and have lasted me years. The days of spending nearly £150 on one pair of jeans are long gone but I discovered high street have amazing options that last you years too. My advice when shopping for jeans is to try on every brand on your budget and to decide which felt comfortable on you. I have always liked Topshop and H&M jeans but still to this day I need to try them on, styles change over the years and so does the fit. Jeans are meant to last you years and almost all of my jeans have done so, the secret is not to wash them so often. But it all depends on the denim if it is raw or pre-washed. Click on the link here for a video about denim and how to wash them.

Below are my recently purchased jeans, both from Topshop.

Topshop MOTO Vintage Ripped Baxter

Denim has been a popular choice this season amongst many designers, with patchwork denim, frayed and flares being a favoured choice. If your venturing out to buy a pair of jeans this season and want a flattering shape that will last, try buying a straight leg, high waisted or flared (refer back to the previous post here for options on flares).

Here are a few of my favourite styles from the high street.

Zara high waist jeans
H&M Shaping Flare Regular Jeans
Topshop MOTO Boyfriend Jeans
ASOS Farleigh High Waist Slim
M&S Straight Leg Denim Jeans
COS Slim fit cropped jeans

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