26 May 2016

Holiday Packing - The Essentials

Who doesn't love a holiday? A chance to explore another country and enjoy the cuisine. I'm usually the one to pack the suitcases as my husband tends to pack like we're emigrating to another country. It doesn't matter if you're travelling on a long haul holiday or short break away, packing can be stressful, especially with a child as you don't want to leave anything they need behind. I feel like packing is easier for guys, me on the other hand, I'm stressing over everything from my makeup bag to swimwear and the worst the toiletries.

I have written a list of holiday essentials below to make packing easier:

First, the 5 S's

1. Sun lotion - Number one essential, protect yourself and kids from the sun.
2. Sunglasses - Don't forget these unless you want to be squinting all day.
3. Swimwear - A must for the poolside and beach.
4. Sun hat - Looks great with anything.
5. Sandals - Take one or two that will go with most of your outfits.

Sun hat - Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses - Topshop
Black sandals - &OtherStories
Sun lotion - Nivea
Silver shoes - Topshop
Bikini - H&M
Swimsuit - Accessorize

Now the 3 B's

1. Beach bag - This is a must if you're thinking of heading to the beach, try to buy a roomier bag that can fit all the above and more.
2. Beach towel - To use by the pool or just lying around on at the beach.
3. Bandana - Not an essential but something for the hair. Pack something to tie your hair back in the heat.

Beach Bag - Next
Beach towel - ASOS
Bandana - New Look

When packing clothes, pack things you can mix and match, for example, a bottom that will go with more than one top. Save space by reducing the number of shoes you take and try stick to a colour scheme like black and white or colours that match. I've decided to stick to blue and neutral colours and black for the evenings.

I'm taking my old h&m shirt and using this as a cover-up as the material is light and long, I can also wear this over my denim shorts for a daytime look. Try buying a cover-up which is versatile if you want to pack less. The below from New Look is perfect.

New Look

Where ever you decide to go for a break hope this has helped a little, have fun and make the most of the trip. Oh and don't forget the 3 P's - Passport, Phone and Purse ;)

Will be back to my usual posts in over a weeks time. Thank you for reading and in the meantime have a look at a few holiday inspirations to get you in the mood.

Images from Pinterest

19 May 2016

Bardot Style

Brigitte Bardot (Image via Pinterest)

There has been one type of clothing that has defined SS16 and that's the Bardot neckline, whether it be a dress or top, showing off your shoulders has been one of the hottest looks this year. I may be premature in saying this but the Bardot could become an essential item rather than a trend piece soon. Having been popular last year too, the off the shoulder look is one for the summer.

I have been on the hunt to find the perfect Bardot top, something I can wear not only in the evening but also during those hot summer days, more for a holiday than anything. I purchased an off the shoulder shirt style top at the end of February from Primark, but due to the weather I only wore it once in April and that's when I realised it didn't stay down. The top has been pulled down for the images below but with the slightest movement, it pops back up.

The Bardot neckline is very feminine and it's not usually my style as I have a very casual tomboyish style but I love the fact it can be dressed down. Wear off the shoulder tops over jeans, midi skirts, denim cutoffs and under dungarees, basically anything.

I recently purchased the below top in black from New Look, love this pink version too. The elastic is not as tight as the Primark top, can also be worn without pulling the shoulders down, looks great both ways. I love the sleeve details and the elastic on the sleeves too, very versatile. Just debating whether to keep it or not, would prefer to find a cotton version as the material is a little thick and I'm one to get hot very quickly. If you find Bardot tops or dresses a little annoying as you're having to pull them down a lot try looking for ones with straps.

New Look £14.99

Other high street options:

1. Topshop £14
2. Mango £29.99
3. H&M £12.99
4. Mango £35.99
5. Mango £25.99
6. Zara £22.99


1. Zara £25.99
2. Dorothy Perkins £18
3. Zara £25.99
4. Topshop £32
5. H&M £39.99
6. Warehouse £39

Street Style (Images via Pinterest)

Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

11 May 2016

Slogan T-Shirts

A plain white/grey t-shirt is something I can't live without in my wardrobe, a staple item without a doubt, but why stop at a plain t-shirt? Slogan tops have been around for years and it's become more popular over time.

If you're looking for fuss-free simple designs, Julie Sariñana's from Sincerely Jules sells the perfect selection of t-shirts. The t-shirts are simple with catchy phrases and come in three essential colours. You can shop her whole range on here, where she includes a few other staple items too.

A catchy phrase/word or a retro logo t-shirt will lift any outfit and make you stand out. My favourite look is to wear the t-shirt tucked into a pencil skirt or a pleated skirt. Keep the slogans simple but catchy and wear with anything.

With a slogan tee, your wardrobe will speak for itself ;)

I've rounded up some of my favourite t-shirts below:

1. ASOS £16
2. Urban Outfitters £26
3. Tease and Totes £28
5. Whistles £45
6. Truffle Shuffle £19.99

Mango has a huge selection of slogan/graphic tees, here are few of my favourites.

1. 'Beautiful' Tee £9.99
2. 'Yours' Tee £15.99
3. 'Outsider' £9.99
4. 'Noir' £17.99
5. 'In tees we trust' £12.99
6. 'Concentrate Focus' Tee £15.99

Some street style looks (images taken from Pinterest)

Thanks for reading!

6 May 2016

Slip Dresses and Camisoles

Famously worn by Kate Moss, the 90's slip dress is not to everyone's taste but you may fall in love with some of the ones I've seen online. Yes it looks like an undergarment or nightwear and you may feel uncomfortable wearing it on the school run or to the supermarket, but they're quite versatile.

Last year the slip dress was mainly worn under fine knit polo necks or jumpers, this season, wear with a long cardigan or bomber jacket or style with an open shirt. If you're not a fan of the dress you can't go wrong with a camisole, wear tucked into jeans for a casual look or tucked in a pencil skirt. The cami is a staple item, can be dressed down or up in any season and ideal for layering. A lace-detailed cami will look great under an open shirt or low V-neck jumper.

High Street Options:

These two would look great under a jumper or shirt, especially with the lace detail peeping through. Both the dress and top comes in navy or black. (Dresses here and here, tops here and here).

More options:

1. Zara £25.99
2. ASOS £30
3. ASOS £30

1. H&M £14.99
2. Topshop £28
3. Topshop £16

Slip Dresses


Thanks for reading and happy shopping.

3 May 2016

Summer Outfit Inspiration

So apparently, yes APPARENTLY we have some sunshine heading our way this week. After weeks of unpredictable weather (at one point we even had snow), Spring has well and truly made it. Unfortunately, I can only speak for my area which is South of London, but I'm hoping it's for everyone as we have been waiting months for actual Spring weather.

What has felt like a never-ending Winter I am now looking forward to wearing some summer clothes, which brings me to a dilemma of what to wear? Having to wear jumpers or layers lately some may feel a little afraid to leave the house without a cardigan or jacket, I guess it's still a must at the moment. But don't be afraid to push those thick winter jumpers and boots to the back of the cupboard or have them packed away, it's time for new season clothes and having those sunglasses at the ready!

The best item to have in your wardrobe is a midi/maxi dress or skirt, perfect for this type of weather as it's not too hot but still warm enough to keep you looking season appropriate. If you do feel you need a jacket, grab a staple jacket like the denim or leather jacket.

1. Warehouse £49
2. H&M £12.99
3. ASOS Skirt £32

Jeans are a necessity for me and if you're not a skirt or dress person wear your jeans with a cami, t-shirt or this seasons must have off the shoulder top.

1. Urban Outfitters £32
2. Zara £9.99
3. Warehouse £32

Sometimes jeans can be too thick so when temperatures do rise you don't want them clinging onto you, this is when the trousers come in handy, perfect for any occasion.

1. H&M £19.99 (Comes in various colours)
2. GAP £39.95 (Comes in various colours)
3. Zara £25.99

Lastly footwear, I'm always in my trainers but it's time to get those feet summer ready.

1. Mango £39.99
2. Zara £29.99
3. H&M £29.99
4. Topshop £32

Some inspiration from Pinterest.

Thank you for reading and I hope the sun's shining where you live x