10 August 2015

Black On Black

After doing the post on black dresses, I realised I had to do a post on black outfits, as it's not just a black dress that makes your wardrobe complete. Over the past few months, I've talked about several staple pieces to have in your wardrobe, like the white shirt, a breton top and a black blazer to name a few. However black is a colour that pops up a lot when you are buying staple items, not only is a black dress and black blazer good to have, but if you want staple timeless pieces in your wardrobe you need the following: A good pair of black trousers, black jeans, black skirt, black jumper and a black tee. Yes black! By having these as staple items, you can now mix and match with fashion pieces and add colour.

I think it's always good to have these lasting pieces in your wardrobe because everyone will always need one of those items to complete a look one time or another.  Having so many black items doesn't mean you have to wear black on black, however, it does look good and sometimes I do like to wear a nice black outfit.

You don't have to be boring with this as you can always add details like belts and accessories to bring the outfit together or have fun with it by mixing textures and prints. But remember black on black doesn't have to look like you're off to a job interview, below are a few of my favourites from Pinterest.

High-street buys:

Topshop Jamie Jeans
&other stories Zipped Sweater
Topshop Stitch Jumper
Kookai Leather Skirt

Zara Knit Sweater
Zara Fringed Skirt
Zara Suedette Cutwork Skirt

ASOS Boyfriend Tee
COS Cotton T-Shirt

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