20 January 2016


Minimalism can mean many things, it's not necessarily a neutral colour palette, having less to wear or wearing clean line clothes. I've tried looking for a simple explanation, but for me, no one explains it better than a blog I came across called into-mind. This blog explains everything you need to know about building a minimalistic wardrobe to smart shopping. Anuschka, the writer of the blog defines minimalism as removing things that are not adding value to your life, knowing what's important to you and making conscious choices that result in a happier life. Many of us are guilty of filling our wardrobes with things we half-heartedly like or don't wear, minimalism is about owning things you truly love. (Click here and here for a more in-depth meaning).

Although I agree with Anuschka's general explanation, it can be hard to stop yourself from buying things that you probably wouldn't need, impulse buying was my biggest problem. Minimalistic can mean different things to everyone, some may wear bright colours all the time, or prints or only wear black, it all depends on the individual and what they see as their signature style.

Afer understanding minimalism a bit more, I think I need to reassess my wardrobe again. My personal style hasn't changed much throughout the years but I have a habit of holding onto things that have no use to me now. I am very much less inclined to follow trends as to when I was working around fashion, but having said that if something fits into my style, I'm willing to try. I have a very casual approach to clothes and I'm aware of what suits me and what doesn't. I like comfort and practicality, I'm not a girly girl and hardly ever buy occasion wear now. Clothes for me need to serve multiple purposes, this was the same for maternity wear too, I was very reluctant to buy too many whilst pregnant.

To conclude minimalism is figuring out what your personal style is and not having the urge to impulse buy, it's about investing in pieces you would wear over and over again and not being influenced too much by what you should wear according to trends and others.

Below are images of my everyday kind of outfits, jeans are an essential part of my wardrobe as are trainers and flats. (All images below from Pinterest)

If I add colour to my wardrobe, it's simple and not overly complicated and has to work well into my everyday casual style. Evening looks are pretty much the same apart from the rare occasions where I wear heels. 

What is your minimalistic style?

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