29 June 2016

Rainy Days

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What to wear on a muggy raining day? I would say wear what you would on a hot day and if it does happen to rain have an umbrella or raincoat by your side. Although I love the warmth, the humidity and rain together is a nightmare, especially on my hair!

So what is practical and stylish on the high street? If you want to show off your summer outfit, try buying a transparent raincoat like the below Hunter vinyl one.

Hunter £140

Or this black frosted plastic Mac from Topshop, the downside is you may get even hotter and stickier wearing plastic!

Topshop £50

But if it's a bit of colour that you want or pattern, I've put together a few of my favourite raincoats and Macs from the high street.

1. ASOS Petite £75
2. Mango £59.99
3. Bershka £29.99 (In Store)
4. Topshop £79
5. ASOS £22
6. Urban Outfitters £132
7. Boohoo £10
8. Tesco £14

Or if you fancy yourself with an eye-catching umbrella, here are a few I like.

Top left to right: M&S £15, Cath Kidston £14, Paperchase £12
Bottom left to right: Topshop £16, Accessorize £12, Tesco £3.99

If you're looking for a larger umbrella this £4 umbrella from Primark is a favourite of mine.

Primark £4

Here's to a warm sunny summer! Happy shopping.

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