11 August 2016

White Summer Style

Just when you thought summer was all over, we're in for an another week of scorching weather...yay! So there's no better time than now to wear all white or a pretty white top, make the most of your summer clothes while you can.

White can seem scary to wear, especially if you're around kids, but the colour is refreshing to wear in summer. If you don't fancy going all white, try white bottoms which have been popular this season, or a white top that is always a life saver in your wardrobe.

I'm a bit scared to wear white bottoms, fear of sitting on something dirty or getting them stained puts me right off. However, I would happily wear a white dress, weird I know. Below are a few of my favourite looks.

I've seen so many white jeans on the high street, love the raw hem ones below right from Topshop, most sizes have sold out, an alternative is the Joni jeans below left.

Try white culottes for a more summery look, wear them with stripes, denim or a tee. The below Marks and Spencer's culottes seem like a great pair to dress up or dress down.

M&S £59

If white trousers are not your cup of tea, go for a dress, a shirt dress would be my choice for a casual look. A white top is always a winner and will freshen up an outfit and go with anything.

High street choices:

Top left to right: ASOS £40, H&M £29.99, HOF £66
Bottom left to right: New Look £15.99, Mango £29.99, Vila £26

If you do fancy going all white on your outfit, I would personally avoid white shoes, instead, choose a bit of colour or black, leopard print will look great too. There is obviously an exception and that's if you've been invited to Puff Daddy's all white party, then go all out!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of the Summer.

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