30 July 2015

Castor Oil

I don't want to bombard you with too many oils but another oil I use is castor oil. It comes from the seed of the castor oil plant and is a type of vegetable oil. I have only used it for hair growth, mostly for my eyebrows or eyelashes. The consistency of the oil is very thick and sticky and this is probably the only reason I don't use it for anything else. 

To make my eyebrows thicker and grow faster, I take a clean mascara wand and rub some castor oil on it. Then comb into my eyebrows and leave in. I usually leave overnight and wash off the next morning, within two weeks I noticed a big difference. The same applies for eyelashes too, apply oil on clean mascara wand and coat your lashes from root to tip making sure it doesn't go in your eye and it is washed off fully the next day. 

Castor Oil

I used to use the oil on my sons head to treat his cradle cap and for hair growth. To be honest, other oils like olive oil would probably treat it too but I know castor oil is known for hair growth. Although I use coconut oil in my hair and scalp, castor oil is another alternative as it is the most common oil to use on hair and combat hair loss. Apart from being used for hair growth it is also used to treat itchy skin, skin rashes and acne too. 

Castor Oils 

Fushi organic castor oil
Castor Oil
Pukkaherbs castor oil