15 June 2017


The British high street, to be frank, is number one when it comes to shopping. Topshop is one of the major high street stores that make it the best, delivering fashion-forward as well as the wardrobe basics like the good old white t-shirt and jeans. Shopping there for over 15 years now and it's still going strong for me. I can spend hours in the Topshop Oxford Street store and not realise the time fly by and end up leaving with something, whether it be clothing, accessories, shoes or jewellery (or a cheeky Lolas cupcake).

I have hand picked out my favourite wardrobe essentials and put some outfits together that are simple to create, starting with everyday casual looks:

The dungarees are an essential in my wardrobe, it's easy to wear, stylish and wearable all year round. I've teamed this up with classic white trainers and a white tee, paired with a fuschia pink bag to make the outfit stand out. The second outfit is another classic, striped t-shirt that has a slight twist to the basic striped tee and mom jeans. I paired this with a statement footwear and a red bag (available in store), again the accessories do all the talking. The third outfit was a simple white shirt over black jeans and black sandals, here the bag (available in store) was the statement piece and made such a difference.

In the first outfit, I'm wearing classic khaki trousers paired with a slogan tee and trainers, I paired this with a yellow bag that blended in well with the colours. The second look I'm wearing the same mom jeans as before but with a cami and slip on shoes, adding a bit more necklaces for detail (available in store). The third outfit is another timeless look, the camo jacket, white shirt and skinny jeans. I decided to wear red shoes for this outfit.

Evening looks:

The evening looks are mixed up with the classics, for the first look, I teamed the slogan tee with a denim skirt and red shoes and earrings. This outfit can easily be dressed down with trainers. The second look, again wearing the mom jeans I wore it with black block heel sandals and a white cami, the yellow coat made all the difference. Third look I added a black blazer and red heels to a simple look.

The ultimate wardrobe classic:

The white t-shirt and jean look is the ultimate classic look, can't go wrong really. For the evening add a blazer (In store), statement earrings and heels.

Holiday Essential - Denim shorts

Denim shorts are the first things I pack for a holiday. I've paired mine with a straw hat and t-shirt, a strolling around town look.

I hope you liked some of my picks, Topshop is great for wardrobe staples but also one of the best for trend pieces too. Everything I picked is available either online or in store. I just wanted to say I haven't been sponsored in any way for this post, I genuinely love Topshop and wanted to do a post on one of my favourite high street shops. A big thank you to the Topshop personal shopping department in Oxford Street for all the help and for letting me use their space. I would definitely recommend booking with them if you need help. Lastly, a massive thank you to my lovely friend Caroline for taking the photos. She came along with her beautiful little girl who was an angel, safe to say the department is mum friendly and the staff are very friendly too. Happy Shopping!


  1. I had bought the black denim midi yesterday, wore it today! Great minds! Also tried the khaki paper bag waist trews but they didn't love me like they love you! Great post lovely x

    1. Thank you so much for reading lovely. I saw it on you and thought I'd seen it before lol it looks great on you and I'm pretty sure you can make so much use out of it X