6 July 2015

Rose Water

I don't usually tone my skin, prefer to use fewer products as possible but I thought I would try out rose water as a toner. I bought the Boot Botanics 100% Organic rose water toning spritz and have been using it for the last two months now. It is definitely something I will be sticking with, my skin is more hydrated throughout the day and feels fresher and cleaner too. It is suitable for all skin types, 100% organic, smells gorgeous and an added bonus is that it's on offer at the moment for £3.99.

After cleansing, I spray the toning spritz all over my face and neck and gently wipe away with a cotton pad. It wipes away any last traces of makeup so leaving my skin feeling extra clean. You can make rose water yourself but it's actually an affordable product. Great for summer to keep you refreshed.

Used for centuries, rose water has been known for beautifying the skin. It is simply flavoured water which is made by soaking rose petals in water to extract the flavour. It cleans, tones and hydrates the skin helping to maintain a clear complexion. Other benefits include reducing skin redness and helping dry irritated skin, click here for more uses.

My Top 3:

Botanics 100% Organic
Pukka Organic rosewater

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