24 December 2015

Sale Buys

If your planning on doing some sale shopping, I have selected some essential sale buys below. This year I have talked about several staple items that are must haves for your wardrobe, like the white shirt, striped top and grey tee to name a few. It is so easy to go crazy in sales and buy things you'll probably only wear once, I'm definitely guilty of this and still get tempted at times. But by having the basics in your wardrobe, you can work around this and buy more daring and trend-forward pieces. For inspiration and more on these staple items chek out my previous posts under archive.

Happy shopping as always, and let me know if you find any bargains, always love hearing from you.

& Other stories £28 SALE
M&S £22 SALE
Banana Republic stripe top £19.99 SALE
TOPSHOP Leather trouers £95 SALE
TOPSHOP Trousers £15 SALE
Mango coat £59.99 SALE
ASOS 2 Pack teeshirts £10.50 SALE

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