17 December 2015

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Whenever my skin is in need of serious help I always go back to Dermalogica products, and the one product I can count on is the Daily Microfoliant. Not only has this product won Instyles best beauty buy for 2015, it has triumphed for 11 consecutive years and last year it was awarded the best beauty buy icon status. I actually swear by this product and can totally understand why it's a number one exfoliant, it is without a doubt an essential beauty buy for me.

The Daily Microfoliant is ideal for clogged up pores and evening out skin tone. The rice enzymes are the key ingredients, taking away dead cells and brightening your skin. I use this daily after cleansing and makes such a difference to my skin. Click here on how to apply.

All Dermalogica stores do a free face mapping skin analysis which takes around 5-10 minutes. The face mapping is one of the best ways to understand which areas you have problems with, for example, you may be dehydrated in some areas than others. After my consultation, I was given insightful information to why I may have been breaking out with spots recently. I am a firm believer of oil cleansers and I was surprised to have been told that sometimes if an oil cleanser contains mineral oil this may cause irritation to the skin on some people. I did recently switch my oil cleanser and later found out it contained mineral oil, which can also be called Paraffinum liquidum. To be honest, it's hard to say, as my previous cleanser had mineral oil too but don't remember breaking out so bad, I guess there are always other factors involved.

After the consultation, the three products I was recommended for my skin was the cleansing oil precleanse, their Daily Microfoliant and the multivitamin power firm eye cream. If you've never tried their products before worth popping down to your local store for a free skin map and free samples to try out.

Dermalogica recommendations:

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant £41.75 | Precleanse £34.35 | Multivitamin power firm £38.40

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