11 May 2016

Slogan T-Shirts

A plain white/grey t-shirt is something I can't live without in my wardrobe, a staple item without a doubt, but why stop at a plain t-shirt? Slogan tops have been around for years and it's become more popular over time.

If you're looking for fuss-free simple designs, Julie Sariñana's from Sincerely Jules sells the perfect selection of t-shirts. The t-shirts are simple with catchy phrases and come in three essential colours. You can shop her whole range on here, where she includes a few other staple items too.

A catchy phrase/word or a retro logo t-shirt will lift any outfit and make you stand out. My favourite look is to wear the t-shirt tucked into a pencil skirt or a pleated skirt. Keep the slogans simple but catchy and wear with anything.

With a slogan tee, your wardrobe will speak for itself ;)

I've rounded up some of my favourite t-shirts below:

1. ASOS £16
2. Urban Outfitters £26
3. Tease and Totes £28
5. Whistles £45
6. Truffle Shuffle £19.99

Mango has a huge selection of slogan/graphic tees, here are few of my favourites.

1. 'Beautiful' Tee £9.99
2. 'Yours' Tee £15.99
3. 'Outsider' £9.99
4. 'Noir' £17.99
5. 'In tees we trust' £12.99
6. 'Concentrate Focus' Tee £15.99

Some street style looks (images taken from Pinterest)

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