26 May 2016

Holiday Packing - The Essentials

Who doesn't love a holiday? A chance to explore another country and enjoy the cuisine. I'm usually the one to pack the suitcases as my husband tends to pack like we're emigrating to another country. It doesn't matter if you're travelling on a long haul holiday or short break away, packing can be stressful, especially with a child as you don't want to leave anything they need behind. I feel like packing is easier for guys, me on the other hand, I'm stressing over everything from my makeup bag to swimwear and the worst the toiletries.

I have written a list of holiday essentials below to make packing easier:

First, the 5 S's

1. Sun lotion - Number one essential, protect yourself and kids from the sun.
2. Sunglasses - Don't forget these unless you want to be squinting all day.
3. Swimwear - A must for the poolside and beach.
4. Sun hat - Looks great with anything.
5. Sandals - Take one or two that will go with most of your outfits.

Sun hat - Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses - Topshop
Black sandals - &OtherStories
Sun lotion - Nivea
Silver shoes - Topshop
Bikini - H&M
Swimsuit - Accessorize

Now the 3 B's

1. Beach bag - This is a must if you're thinking of heading to the beach, try to buy a roomier bag that can fit all the above and more.
2. Beach towel - To use by the pool or just lying around on at the beach.
3. Bandana - Not an essential but something for the hair. Pack something to tie your hair back in the heat.

Beach Bag - Next
Beach towel - ASOS
Bandana - New Look

When packing clothes, pack things you can mix and match, for example, a bottom that will go with more than one top. Save space by reducing the number of shoes you take and try stick to a colour scheme like black and white or colours that match. I've decided to stick to blue and neutral colours and black for the evenings.

I'm taking my old h&m shirt and using this as a cover-up as the material is light and long, I can also wear this over my denim shorts for a daytime look. Try buying a cover-up which is versatile if you want to pack less. The below from New Look is perfect.

New Look

Where ever you decide to go for a break hope this has helped a little, have fun and make the most of the trip. Oh and don't forget the 3 P's - Passport, Phone and Purse ;)

Will be back to my usual posts in over a weeks time. Thank you for reading and in the meantime have a look at a few holiday inspirations to get you in the mood.

Images from Pinterest

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