23 November 2016


Can't imagine my life without leggings, loved them in my teens and loved them even more during my pregnancy and after birth. Then the leggings became my go-to outfit errryday, becoming my love-hate essentials in my wardrobe. From owning around 5 or 6, nearly one for each day, I had to get rid! I now own a velvet pair, a denim pair (worn mainly indoors) and a basic black one meant for workouts, which never gets used.

Love them or hate them I think we all need a pair or two in our wardrobe. The number one essential being the leather leggings, which I am still yet to own. An easy item to dress for Winter, all you have to do is throw on a chunky knit jumper. Dress it up with a shirt or t-shirt and add some accessories. 

Images from Pinterest

The high street has a good selection of leggings this season, plus if you're feeling trendy they also have stirrup leggings!? (I haven't owned one since my childhood).

Left to Right: H&M £17.99, French Connection £42 (on offer), Isabel Marant √Čtoile £145

Obviously, if you want real leather, you will have to invest in a lot more like the below Calvin Klein one for £555. But I guess it is an investment piece that should last you a long time.

Other leggings to consider:

Left to Right: Zara £19.99, H&M £14.99, H&M £29.99, Topshop £18

If you're looking for something similar to leggings but not too tight, I would go for the stirrup trousers from H&M (third one from above), similar to leggings but a tad looser and smarter. If it's some colour you want, go for red!

Happy Shopping!

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