3 November 2016

Layering Up

It may seem like layering is something we do during the colder months, but it has become more of a fashion statement where we use layering to achieve a certain look. This summer was all about t-shirts under camis or dresses, carrying this on into Winter by adding another layer on top or replacing the t-shirt with a jumper. Mixing different fabrics and layering clothes is a great way to show off more of your clothes and create a stylish look. Last year I posted a post on layering, explaining how to layer the basics, today I wanted to share more looks, giving you more options on how to layer.

(All images are from Pinterest)

The simple way to layer a dress is to add a t-shirt/top or jumper underneath. Try also layering the dress over trousers/jeans, this way you can make more use out of your dresses during the colder months.

Long-sleeved tops are the best for layering jumpers. Create an interest to your outfit by adding a stripe, lace or printed top/shirt underneath. With shorter jumpers add a longer top or shirt to show off every bit of what you're wearing.

Don't be afraid to layer up coats/jackets/blazers/gilets, to layer properly mix light outerwear with heavy outerwear. For example, a biker jacket, denim jacket or blazer are great under coats. Gilets are perfect over leather. Try mixing and matching until you know what's right for you, have fun with it, but just don't do a Joey from Friends :)

Images from Pinterest

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