12 May 2017

Easy Styling

Rushing in the early hours of the morning for the school run or work can sometimes mean you don't always get time to put outfits together. I sometimes go through my wardrobe in my head as I'm lying in bed, which occasionally helps. There was a time (long ago) where I USED to properly plan my outfit the night before, check the weather and even iron my clothes (this was before motherhood obviously). As I work from home, I don't go out often, I mean apart from the school drop off and pick up it's either the supermarket or local town centre (exciting life). I usually just throw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt, easy dressing really.

This week I wanted to show you some outfits that are easy and effortless. (Below are images of me from this week, others from Pinterest). 

Monday is always the hardest, I hardly ever make an effort. So my outfit or uniform as I like to call it was jeans and a stripy top. I noticed this is a popular choice for many on my Instagram, very easy to dress and you can't go wrong can you really?

Tuesday I wore a boiler suit. I've mentioned jumpsuits and boilersuits on my blog a few times, it's honestly so easy to wear, by adding a biker jacket on top and trainers it's a perfect everyday outfit.

Wednesday! Yay, the sun came out! Usually, I panic as I'm not used to the sun and think what the doughnut am I going to wear?!! Well, this is when the pleated skirt comes to the rescue. I'm not ready to brave the shorts or shorter skirts just yet, but mid length is always a winner for me. I teamed this up with a slogan t-shirt and trainers (of course).

Thursday, this was a nice day but rained a little, but was warm and reached a high of 19 degrees. I'm never sure what to wear when the weather's a bit unpredictable, so I went back to basics and wore my jeans and t-shirt.

I'm always in a hurry after the school run on a Friday as I take my son swimming and most of the time I sweat to death in those swimming bars and tiny changing room cubicles. Never know what to wear! As I was out in central London in the morning, I decide to wear something practical, which was my dungarees. My dungarees are one of my favourite items, you can wear anything under it depending on the weather or occasion. Can't go wrong.

Weekends I have more time to myself but still stick to my uniform sometimes. What's your uniform or fall back outfit?

1. New Look Tee £9.99
2. Topshop Jeans £40
3. H&M Tee £8.99
4. H&M Skirt £49.99
5. Topshop Dungarees £50
6. H&M Top £12.99
7. Topshop Jeans £40
8. New Look Tee £12.99
9. Mango skirt £49.99
10. Converse £44.99

Thank you for reading as always.

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