7 May 2017

Summer Sandals

Hi, everyone, yes it's been a while I know. Due to me moving into a new home, I have been sorting out my clothes and shoes, organising what I NEED and what I don't. Trying to also figure out what I would like to invest in. After looking at my shoe collection, I realise I own ALOT of flats and hardly any sandals or wearable heels. So today's post is all about sandals, sandals that stand out.

I recently purchased a pair of leopard print mid heel sandals, my kind of heel too! It's a perfect height to wear during the day or for a night out, also looks great with socks too! Sadly it's sold out now, they also have it in a gorgeous grey here and a tan colour here. Worth checking stores for availability.

Topshop shoes and Jeans

Below are a few heeled and flat sandals that are in stock, fingers crossed! I guess it's worth getting them now rather than waiting for the weather to warm up.

1. Office £30
2. ASOS £25
3. ASOS £35
4. Mango £49.99
5. Topshop £24

Sometimes investing in shoes can help more than anything. By adding a statement shoe to a basic outfit, the outfit becomes a little less basic. Same applies for a bag, it's all in the accessories most of the time. Hope your summer ready more than me, happy shopping as always!

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