21 January 2019

Easy Everyday Outfits

Hi everyone, hope all is well and I hope January has kicked off to a good year already. We're slowly settling into our new house and finally getting to the last bits of unpacking. It's also given me the chance to get rid of unwanted clothes and junk that I have had around from the previous place. It feels a lot better after decluttering everything.

It's been a while with fashion blogging, but really want to get back into my usual posts. My first post of the year is on everyday outfits that can be copied hopefully from what you have in your wardrobe. Whether it's for the school run or a casual day at work, here are some outfits that are easy to put together this winter.

Jeans look: This is the easiest to dress as anything goes and any footwear goes too.  I love my jeans, it's an everyday essential for me (I did a post here on my favourite styles).

Jeans, Coat, Jumper, Trainers

Midi Skirt looks: Besides jeans, I love a midi skirt, more so than any skirt shape. I think it's flattering and looks good dressed down or up. Out of all the skirts, I would say invest in a pleated skirt as it never goes out of style, I own a few and have worn my black pleated M&S one loads!

Shirt, Coat, Skirt, Boots

The dress looks: I always say make use of your dresses from summer, team it with a chunky knit or cardigan, a big coat and boots for a winter look.

Dress, Cardigan, Boots, Earrings

Trouser looks: Trousers are great alternatives if you get tired of wearing jeans, you can get many different textures that will still keep you warm, like the one below.

Jumper, Bag, Trousers, Trainers

Joggers look: Joggers are my favourite, comfortable and stylish depending how you wear yours. Make sure the joggers fit right on you and team them up with a nice jumper and trainers.

Joggers, T-shirt, Coat, Trainers

Hope this has helped a little, thanks for reading!

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