4 November 2015

Moisturiser for kids

My son has always had dry skin, not overly dry but dry on areas like his arms and legs and even his face. He is now three and for the first couple of years we had always used a doctors prescribed cream.

We recently stopped using the prescribed cream and started searching for the ideal body moisturiser, and although I am willing to test different products on myself, I was very reluctant about switching and trying too many products on him. 

Favouring natural products and having written about the benefits of coconut oil in my skin care section I was so happy to discover Kokoso baby coconut oil specially selected for baby skin. Although my child is no longer a baby coconut oil is such a great product to use even on older kids as well as adults. I have now been using this on my son for the last few weeks and it has been amazing for his dry skin. The oil melts straight away into my hands and sinks into the skin leaving him with soft skin all day long. He especially loves it when I massage his toes with the product, and joins in himself. Any oil left over on my hand I use on myself, coconut oil has so many uses including hair and cradle cap, read here for more uses.

Just a little bit about Kokoso, it is 100% natural organic virgin coconut oil and is made from a certified organic farm in Thailand. And thanks to the coconut friendly process of making this product, the oil is lighter and thinner compared to some on the market and making it absorb better into the skin.  Also a little goes a long way so the tub should last you a while. 

Kokoso baby £7.99

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