5 May 2018

Non-Maternity Wear

When I was pregnant with my first I don't think I had major issues with clothes and dressing my bump, my leggings came to the rescue many times in the third trimester!

For those that don't know, I'm pregnant with my second now and a lot bigger than I was the first time around. The 'what to wear' situation has become a struggle at times, no going to lie! I found it a lot harder hiding the bump before my first scan as my jeans didn't fit very early on and the weather was so cold, dresses were not always an option.

Now I'm in my second trimester the bump is more visible, I don't want to invest in maternity wear too much, I want clothes I can keep after pregnancy too. I am definitely looking at clothes in a different light.

Dresses are great for pregnant women, especially the ones with a little stretch in them or the ones with drawstring middles. These two dresses I own are perfect for the growing bump. Unfortunately, the Asos one on the left has sold out but here is a similar one from Mango. The dress on the right is new from Weekday. (Denim jacket Topshop)

Here are a few other dresses that work well, perfect for pregnancy as well as after. All the below dresses are from Stradivarius. If you want a more comfortable dress with more room and easy to slip on, try a floaty little number like the left dress. Bodycon dresses I have been drawn to more during pregnancy, flattering on and shows off your bump!

Shirt Dress
Ribbed dress
The below striped dress is probably great if you're not showing as much but can always wear with the buttons open over jeans. 


Here are a few more non-maternity clothes that have caught my eye!

Top L-R: Dress, Shirt Dress, Skirt
Bottom L-R: Shirtdress, skirt, Maxi

When it comes to trousers, I recently bought one with an elasticated waist (shop here), I will, however, do a post soon on some essential maternity wear too.

Happy Shopping! 

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